Roofing Checks For Winter Prep

I feel it is important to discuss this even though it is not a doggy product, but it is something that affected Scruffy last winter. We had a leak in the roof that we had neglected and it ended up causing a lot of damage. This caused us a lot of disruption while it was being fixed, not to mention the cold in the coldest part of winter. Even Scruffys new winter fleece wasnt enough at night.

Winter is the time of year that you really want to make sure your roof is in a well maintained condition. It is the time of year when most roofing issues are likely to cause a problem, especially with the increase in wet, damp weather and colder conditions. It is important to regularly inspect your roof for wind damage.


To inspect your roof follow the simple checklist below;

  • Look for any broken or loose tiles. You can spot a loose tile by looking if any tiles have slipped down out of position. If this has happened it could be that water is able to get in and surrounding tiles may also become affected, increasing the risk of further damage.
  • Check for dents and small holes caused by hail storms. You should also check guttering, which could be broken or split. Damage caused by hail is usually covered by insurance, so it is worth checking this and getting it repaired on your policy if that is the case.
  • Have a look at the flashing around the chimney or vents on the roof. Flashing is the lead work that is located around the chimney to stop water from getting in around the joining edges.


  • Ensure your loft space is adequately insulated to not only prevent heat loss through the roof, but also to prevent ice dams from forming.
  • Clean your guttering or hire a professional roofing company to do this for you. All leaves and debris should be cleaned out, because these can be a cause of damp inside the home. If you are doing this yourself use a hose to run water through the gutters and the downpipes and poke a long brush down the pipes to make sure all debris is cleaned out.
  • To protect the guttering over autumn it is a good investment to fit some guards on the gutters to prevent leaves from blocking them after you have cleaned them out.
  • Lastly, check the inside of your house for water marks on the ceilings and upper walls. This is mainly in the upstairs rooms and the attic space. Water stains are a sign that there is a leak in your roof that needs attention. If you are unsure if stains are a result of a leak, you could check them immediately after a heavy rainstorm. If they feel damp, you should call out roofers in derby to investigate and repair the cause of the leak.


Most of the time it is more cost effective to repair a roof, however, if your roof is severely damaged or older than 50 years it may be time to replace the roof. Ensure your roof is winter ready and have a stress free winter for you and your dogs.

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