Healthy Dog Treats Tested

Recently I ordered a selection of dog treats and biscuits to try out. I wanted to find something that was healthier and hopefully tastier for Scruffy. Scruffy is like any other dog and loves to gorge himself in food at every opportunity. I do try not to give him any leftovers, although I often succumb to his ever present puppy eyes and fail miserably. A recent trip to the vet revealed that Scruffy has been piling on the pounds a little too much lately, which spurred me to find a low fat treat that I could give him in place of the scraps. I know, it would be better that he just didn’t have anything, but I have tried and the guilt after looking at his little face when the leftovers entered the bin was just overwhelming me.

That leads me onto the arrival of our Lily’s kitchen dog biscuits variety pack, which I bought from Amazon. The pack contained four different flavours of dog treats, bedtime biscuits, rise and shines, cheese and apple and cranberry and Turkey Christmas dog biscuits. Firstly, I was excited by the neat and attractive box that each variety came in. Each box contained 100g of treats, which is quite a small amount, but plenty if they are given only one or two at once. On opening a box the contents were wrapped in cellophane which isn’t resealable but as there aren’t that many biscuits and I am not one to have a bag of treats uneaten for long, it didn’t really concern me. lilys kitchen dog treats

The first treat to face the Scruffy taste test was the Bedtime biscuits. Now these are organic with yoghurt, honey, camomile and Passion flowers. Sounds great and smells quite alright too, not like your typical dog biscuit! I was quite tempted to try one myself, but had to remind myself that these were Scruffy’s and he wouldn’t appreciate me sneaking one into my mouth. Scruffy couldn’t wait to get his chops on one of these and quickly devoured it, followed by excessive lip licking and persistent begging for more. I think this passes the test!

Secondly, Scruffy tried the cheese and apple training treats. These were smaller than the bedtime biscuits were, but this made them just the right size for a training reward. I had Scruffy work for these, he loves to roll over and close the door if he knows there is something in it for him. I was impressed with these because Scruffy loved them so much he was ready to do trick after trick just to get more. I wish I’d had these when he was still a pup and going to training classes. It would of made our sessions and results that much easier if I would have been able to hold his attention like I can with these.

Finally there was the Christmas biscuits with Turkey and cranberry. I was most excited about these with Xmas fast approaching I needed something to get Scruffy in to the festive mood. Again scruffy woofed this down and looked for more with his irresistible begging eyes. Lily’s kitchen never cease to amaze me with their healthy, tasty treat range. I had scoured the pet store shelves for some decent dog treats that didn’t contain the tiny percentage of meat meal and had really struggled to find a treat with a high real meat content. Scruffy will definitely be enjoying more of this dog biscuit range in the future.

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