Dog Harness Focus – Featuring The Ruffwear Web Master

There are a number of reasons why it may be preferable to use a harness rather than a conventional dog collar. If your dog pulls on the lead when out walking, it may be easier and cause less stress on your dog’s neck by making use of a harness. Likewise, if you have a small dog, it may be more comfortable and prevent stress caused on the toy dogs fragile neck.

Sometimes there may be a health reason that makes a harness a better choice. For example if your dog has problems with their neck which can cause the dog’s breathing to be restricted or more severely, could cause mild choking.

Some dogs are little Houdini’s and will easily back out of a collar when spooked by something, which can be cause for serious concern. This is especially true if you are walking close to a busy road, or if your dog backs out of their collar and into the path of an incoming car. Even at slower speeds in built up areas this can cause considerable injuries. Not all dog harnesses are escape proof, however, so it is advisable that you choose a suitable harness carefully if you do own an escape artist pouch.

Ruff Wear Product Shoot - SS12One such harness that is both supportive and escape-proof is the Webmaster harness from Ruffwear. I bought my harness from Benny The Dog -UK pet shop and was extremely pleased with the service and speed of delivery from this company. This is the best harness by far that I have come across in the 30 years that I have owned dogs. Ruffwear are known for their outdoor gear and high quality and when we first got this harness we were impressed by the strong construction. The harness felt secure and on Scruffy the fit was snug.

The first thing that surprised me was the weight, it is extremely lightweight, especially considering it has padded chest and belly straps. The harness itself feels a little stiff at first, a bit like a straitjacket for dogs, only not restrictive. However, after a few uses it felt more relaxed. Most harnesses only have 2 straps, which is why I believe they can still be escaped from. The extra strap under the belly provides extra security making this an escape proof dog harness. The belly strap also helps to balance the load distribution when you lift your dog using the handle on the harness. When I ordered the harness I was a little concerned that the belly strap may interfere with Scruffy’s ability to relieve himself, but I’m glad to say it in no way gets in the way.

1457498_10200747832363967_1577390534_nThe only negative thing I have to say about this harness is the high price tag. It is expensive when you consider the majority of alternative harness cost half the price at best. However, that aside, I do believe the quality of the workmanship and the comfort it provides Scruffy justify the price. I expect the harness to last me a very long time, unlike cheap ones I have bought previously that always seem to either fall apart, fail at their purpose or wear out far sooner than I would like.

If you are like me and don’t like to let the winter nights impact on your dog walking schedule, then you may like to look at getting one or more dog safety lightfor your pooch. Ruffwear make a beacon that is extremely visible up to quite a distance away. I walk in woods after dark and Scruffy like to run through the undergrowth. This light has been a godsend to me and means Scruffy is always in my sites. There is a light loop on the Web Master harness, specifically for clipping on this light, making it extremely convenient.

I would recommend this harness to anyone with an aging dog that needs a little assistance up and down stairs or dogs that like to wriggle out of any restraint they wear. Even if you are just looking for a quality, well-made harness that will last your dog’s lifetime, then I really think if you can get over the price, then you can’t go wrong with the Webmaster harness.

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