Hi, I am a dog owner with a problem, I can’t seem to stop buying the next best toy or the latest new patterned dog collars. My gorgeous dog Scruffy doesn’t seem to complain about the constant stream of new toys he gets to play with. Scruffy is now 4 years old and really is the best friend I could wish for. He is always there when I need him and loves to cuddle up on the sofa on a cold winters night.

I always write reviews when I purchase new things and I thought it would make sense to create my own site and write them on all. Who knows maybe it will help someone decide whether or not to buy something and it is always useful to know all the bad points in advance. Lets face it, the bad points of a product are never mentioned when you read the description on a retail site, but they sure would benefit everyone to make a more informed decision before wasting money.